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HRISTO Updates Archive.- Year 2012



12-25-2012.- - HRISTO IS 2 YEARS ON LINE !!

12.25.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "THE TREE OF LIFE": Section updated with this new film (currently filming) starring Hristo Shopov.

12.06.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "THE FOURTH POWER": Section updated with this new thriller (currently filming) starring Hristo Shopov.



10.11.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "ASYLUM": Proud to present the exclusive trailer premiere for "ASYLUM" (in post-production), a bloody title involving the supernatural, spirituality and a whole institution run amok.


09.22.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "BARABBAS": You can now watch on the web the first official trailer for the new and expected Hristo Shopov’s film "BARABBAS".

09.10.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "BARABBAS": Sección updated with this new and recently filmed movie of Hristo Shopov.

09.04.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » New TV serial "Where is Maggie?", with Hristo Shopov as special guest star (09.10.2012, 20.00 BG time - BTV).


08.30.2012.- GALLERY » New photos of "HDSP: Hunting Down Small Predators" (Hristo Shopov/Chakara #11 and #12).


07.19.2012.-FILMOGRAPHY » "ASYLUM": Section updated with this upcoming (2013) horror movie of Hristo Shopov.


06.14.2012.-FILMOGRAPHY » Section updated with the new movie (currently filming) starring Hristo Shopov "THE PETROV FILE".


05.28.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "LOVE.NET": This movie has been updated with new info ("...Also Hristo Shopov's excellent job as surgeon Philip Bogatev was prized with the Best Actor Award of the 2nd South–East European Film Festival (May 15th 2012).")

05.15.2012.- BIOGRAPHY » Hristo Shopov has been prized (May 15th 2012) with the Best Actor Award of the South-East European Film Festival, by his impressing play as Dr. Philip Bogatev in "".

05.01.2012.- GALLERY » - -New photos of "Flight to Freedom. The Aviator" (Hristo Shopov/Feuerbach #2, #3, #4 and #5).
- New phtotos of "Karol: A Man Who Became Pope"(H. Shopov/Julian Kordek #11, #12, #13, #14 and #15).
- New photos of "The Passion of The Christ" (Hristo Shopov/Pontius Pilate #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14 and #15).


04.27.2012.- GALLERY » New photos of "Karol: A Man Who Became Pope" (H. Shopov/Julian Kordek #7, #8, #9 and #10).

04.15.2012.- WALLPAPERS » From now on you can download a new wallpaper for your desktops dedicated to Hristo's filmography between 2009-2011. This background is available in three sizes: 1920x1080 px High Definition, 1280x1024 px and 1024x768 px.

04.04.2012.- New cover photo to our Facebook Timeline Profile. Take a look!: HRISTO - Facebook .


03.20.2012.- FILMOGRAPHY » "LOVE.NET": LOVE.NET DVD and its content.


02.15.2012.- BIOGRAPHY » This section has been updated with new info ("...2001 - his work in this film was awarded with the Union of Bulgarian Actors Prize, along the...").

02.11.2012.- BIOGRAPHY » New Showreel - Selected Secenes from "Double Identity", "Flight to Freedom", "Karol: A Man Who Became Pope", "The Passion of The Christ", etc.