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Theatre Performances

"Same Time, Another Year"

*** PREMIERE ***
- 16 November 2018 - SOFIA - City Mark Art Center / Time: 19:30 - PREMIERE
- 17 November 2018 - SOFIA - City Mark Art Center / Time: 19:30 - PREMIERE
- 26 November 2018 - BURGAS - Zala НХК-Kulturen Dom na Neftohimika / Time: 19:00 / National Tour

Author: Bernard Slade.
Title: Same Time, Another Year.
Direction: Georgi Mihalkov.
Translation and adaptation: Andrei Avramov.
Costumes: Petar Mitev.
Scenography: Antonia Popova.
Producer: Lilia Grancharova.
Cast: Hristo Shopov and Lilia Maravilia.
Runtime: minutes.
Theatre: City Mark Art Center (Sofia).
Premiere: 17th November 2018.

The play "SAME TIME, ANOTHER YEAR" is one more co-project with the participation of Hristo Shopov and Lilia Maravilia. Their masterful performance conquered the theatre’s audience during the first part of the production - "Same time, next year" - a play based on the scenario of the brilliant playwright Bernard Slade.

The crowded auditorium, with more than 100 performances at home stages, the wild applause and the broad media response, motivated us to go for the natural dramaturgical continuation of the play - "SAME TIME, ANOTHER YEAR". The actors continue with their prominent creative symbiosis in order to reveal throughout their characters, George and Doris, the secrets of a touching love, unbowed by any life circumstances!

The wonderful translation is made by Prof. Andrei Avramov. The director Georgi Mihalkov intuitively succeeds to build the characters in the best way and together with the whole team to present to the audience an anticipated and unforgettable show, which, we believe, will have the same exceptional success!

"SAME TIME, ANOTHER YEAR" is a play that paints a story with the palette of all human emotions and states. A sensual and entertaining dialogue about the inevitable wandering between the comfortable self-deception and the sobering truths. At that point of life, in which you feel the need to reevaluate the missed opportunities and to indulge in unfulfilled ideas, together with someone who loves and supports you! For those moments in which you hurry to cross the desert of the unreceived answers and climb your personal Everest.

The greatest happiness is to realize that love is the only right way of life!